Hi, I'm Anja! 
I'm a storyteller - working with images & words to deliver emotionally driven narratives which are often based on real-life events and encounters with a bit of a fantastical twist.
Originally from Germany I now live and work in Sheffield, UK as a self-empoyed illustrator, after graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth in summer 2015.
I love drawing, travelling and comics and nothing better than combining all three.
On my journeys, big and small, I always carry one or two sketchbooks to record observations and impressions which later inform and inspire my projects.

While my main ambitions lie in the field of authorial illustration I've also gained much valuable experience from commissions and collaborations and am always interested in working with people who share my passion for illustration, storytelling and art in general.
email: anja.uhren@hotmail.com
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