'Culture Clash' is a collection of daily slice-of-life comics documenting my first meeting of my Nigerian In-laws. It's a humorous, thought-provoking and emotional insight into the coming together of two very different cultures and our clumsy attempts at overcoming, or at least tolerating, each other's differences.
I collected lots of snippets and anecdotes during their stay with us and turned them into little comic episodes one month later throughout [Inktober]. To preserve our milestone first meeting for future reference, amusement and nostalgia.
I was delighted that it reached such a wide audience on Instagram!
 People got quickly really engaged in our little story and followed it along attentively, asking time and time again if I would collect all episodes in a book at the end.
I'd really like to make one - so I set up a campaign to fund the printing and hopefully reach an even wider audience for it.
The book will include all 140 pages I created throughout Inktober as well as at least 30 pages additional content which hasn't been released online previously. So there'll be something new even for the most attentive followers of the series.
These pictures are just digital mock ups for now. We'll start with only the softcover option but if we raise enough funds I'd love to make a hardback option available of it too.
If you are completely new to the series you can visit my Instagram @anjauhren and have a look at some of the comics there - they'll remain uploaded on both my IG and Facebook page for now.
I'd really love to make this happen. Creating this series has been an utter joy and I'd love to celebrate its completion by binding it into a beautiful physical copy. I'd definitely love to give one to my In-laws for Christmas too.:)
Please help me by pre-ordering your copy and spreading the word!
Here are some of the sweet comments my lovely IG followers left throughout the month to give you an insight of what people made of them.
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